Dr. Emily genuinely cares and listens. She gets to the root of the issue and helps with both chronic pain and whole person wellness.


Santa Fe

Hi, I’m Dr. Emily Franklin. I’m a Doctor with a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine, local and national board certification, extensive training in Functional Medicine, eastern and western herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements, nutrition, and homeopathy, and nearly 20 years experience treating patients. And I’ve also been a patient myself, and have experienced the frustration of having something be wrong, knowing I should be able to get better, to feel much better than I did, and not being able to find the help I needed to heal naturally, without surgery or prescription drugs.

I have always been relatively healthy, and yet have also struggled with various health issues that, while not debilitating, kept me from feeling great and living at my full potential. I had poor sleep and didn’t handle stress well, I struggled with fatigue, foggy headedness, and moodiness, with bouts of anxiety and depression, with recurring headaches and digestive problems. I sought help from various MDs, and their response was almost always prescription drugs, including antibiotics, steroids and painkillers. And I was desperate to feel better, so I tried that route for a while, but the drugs only made me feel worse in the end (and caused new problems of their own), and they didn’t fix the underlying causes of my maladies. Which is really what we all want and need, isn’t it?

Then I discovered Chinese Medicine and all it had to offer – acupuncture, herbal medicine, and healthy diet and lifestyle – and before long, I felt better than I’d ever felt. I had steady energy throughout the day, my mind was sharp and clear, my sleep and my mood were consistently good, I felt calmer and could handle stress better, and I had no more headaches or digestive distress.

Shortly after gaining this new lease on life, I decided that I really wanted to help others as I had been helped, using natural healing methods; to help guide others to feeling great and living a life full of energy, vitality and joy.

Thus began my lifelong course of study in natural health – Chinese Medicine, nutrition, western herbs, homeopathy, vitamins and other supplements, Paleo/Primal living, and Functional Medicine.

And using what I have learned – through study and through decades of treating thousands of patients – I want to help you! Join me on this path and find out how much better you can feel. Contact me or click BookNow to make an appointment, and let’s get started!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have, and/or to learn more about how I can help you and your loved ones.