New Patients

Initial Session – $175 for self-pay (Insurance accepted)

The one-hour new-patient session includes a detailed review of your health history, your health concerns and goals, and your current medications, herbal medicines, supplements, diet, and lifestyle (sleep, stress, exercise, etc.).

After completing this comprehensive review, Dr. Emily will provide you with a personalized integrative medicine plan for your treatment, which typically includes a customized combination of acupuncture, lab tests, herbs, supplements, and diet and lifestyle modifications.

To schedule a new patient appointment, please call us at 505.490.6370, or fill out the Contact Us form here.

Existing Patients

Follow-up Session – $95 for self-pay (Insurance accepted)

The one-hour follow-up session includes a check-in on your progress towards your health and wellness goals, review of lab test results as appropriate, and recommendations for adjustments to your herbal medicines, supplements, diet and/or lifestyle as needed. The check-in is followed by a relaxing, rejuvenating, health-enhancing acupuncture treatment, if desired.

To schedule a follow-up session, go to BookNow! to see all of our currently available appointments and schedule yourself online, or give us a call at 505.490.6370.